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Shorecrest Farms is home to a small band of purebred Arabian horses in addition to our miniature donkey herd. At present time, we have 7 Arabian broodmares, one Quarter Horse mare, and one beautiful purebred Arabian stallion. Time does not permit us to show the horses, or even to trail ride much with them anymore. Basically,they are backyard pets! All of the Arabians here are registered through the Arabian Horse Association, or International Arabian Horse Association for Half-Arabs. They all have excellent bloodlines and are gorgeous horses.

In addition to our Arabian herd, we also maintain a small band of Welsh and Shetland ponies at the original Shorecrest Pony Farm location not far from our Miniature Donkey and Arabian Farm. Our Welsh stallion, Apple Jack, aka 'A.J.', is a purebred grey who throws super babies with excellent temperaments, but unfortunately is unregistered, as his papers got 'lost in the shuffle'. The pony mares in the herd are also unregistered, but all come from a long line of Shetland, Welsh or Shetland/Welsh crosses originating from Shorecrest's foundation herd from the 1950's and 60's, some of which were successfully shown. On occasion, A.J. is also crossed with an Arabian mare, producing a registered Half-Arabian foal. These Half-Arabs mature to a perfect size for children to ride, and are very pretty, sharp looking animals.

All of our ponies and horses make wonderful pets. Some people buy them as companions for a horse or pony they already own, and others buy them and train them for their children to ride. We offer only 3 or 4 pony foals, 2 or 3 purebred Arabian foals, and 1 or 2 Half-Arab foals each year. Generally, all of our young ponies and horses are sold without having had any real training (with a few exceptions), resulting in very reasonable sales prices when compared to larger,more prominent breeding farms that are able to train, show and sell their animals. If you think you can offer one of these animals a wonderful home, contact us as we normally have something available for sale throughout the year.


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