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A Little History About Shorecrest Farms

Here are two of the reasons behind our miniature donkey adventure... Francis and my grandfather, James E. Lucas in the 1960's! His love of animals has been handed down through the generations, so it's a great honor for me to be continuing the Lucas tradition of breeding and raising horses and ponies. We know without a doubt that the added mix of miniature donkeys would make my grandparents smile!

"Shorecrest Pony Farm" was established in the mid 1950's between Jersey Shore and Williamsport in peaceful central Pennsylvania. James E. and Dorothy M. Lucas (my grandparents!) raised Welsh and Shetland ponies which they successfully showed for many years. Eventually, the pony farm turned into a breeding farm that my father began looking after upon my grandfather's retirement in th 1980's. Although the herd has been cut down drastically over the years, he still maintains a Welsh stallion and a handful of Shetland/Welsh mares on the original farm. He normally is able to offer a few foals each year, and sometimes crosses an Arabian mare or two to produce Welsh/Arab crosses that grow to a wonderful size for children.

My dad was fortunate enough growing up to be constantly surrounded by animals, including two miniature donkeys. The first donkey to reside at Shorecrest Pony Farm was a small grey dun jennet named Jessica who unfortunately died at a young age. A few years later, another miniature donkey was brought to the farm -- Francis. She was purchased in Elmira, New York and had lived her life working in a ring at a kiddy park. Francis became the pony farm's mascot. She came and went freely in and out of the pasture and spent a lot of time greeting visitors in the yard and driveway. Often times she relaxed in the shade standing underneath my grandfather's tractor trailers, and in her spare time, she enjoyed giving all the grandchildren donkey rides around the yard.

Knowing how fondly my dad remembered those first two donkeys, my mom and I decided to give him a donkey for father's day in 1999. We ended up finding a small local breeder and purchased two grey yearling donkeys, Barney, and his half sister, Firecracker, who my dad later renamed "Jessica" in remembrance of the very first miniature donkey that was brought into his life. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the donkeys myself. I soon began looking around for more, and more, and more!! Our miniature donkey herd has since gone from two, to thirty-two and counting.

We invite you to have a look around our website and meet some of the wonderful animals that call Shorecrest Farms home. Better yet, give us a call and come by to meet them in person. Visitors are always welcome! We may just have your next best friend!

~ Tracie

Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

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Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

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Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

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