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Welcome to Shorecrest Farms!

Located in north central Pennsylvania, Shorecrest Farms is a 107 acre farm home to a few horses, a few pet goats, and typically around 40 miniature donkeys. Our donkeys are all registered, microchipped and are family raised, and family friendly. Our farm is a family venture, taking the efforts of my parents, both of my sisters and their families (a combined 7 kids in their crew) and, myself, my husband and my 5 children, to keep things running smoothly. Everything from cleaning barns, to making our own hay, to helping the farrier, to giving vaccinations, to delivering donkeys to new homes, to the paperwork involved in operating a breeding facility, couldn't be done without the combined efforts of each and every one of us.

We have built a solid foundation herd since our donkey adventure began in 1999 that produces on average 10-12 foals per year. Finding the best of homes for each and every donkey that we sell has and always will be our top priority. We have turned people away who we didn't feel were ready for the responsibility of owning livestock. For us, it's not about making the sale, it's about finding a lifelong quality home and matching the right donkey up with the right family. Many families we have sold to keep in contact with us years after purchasing our donkeys. We enjoy seeing updated pictures of our babies all grown up!

We encourage you to call or email to come see our donkeys in person. Visitors are always welcome - even if you are just browsing. We pride ourselves in helping first time donkey owners learn the ropes of donkey ownership!

~ Tracie Dershem
~ Jim & Carol Lucas

Welcome to the Shorecrest Farm Crew!

Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

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Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

Tracie Dershem
184 Timber Lane, Linden, Pa.  17744
(570) 398-4454 or (570) 772-2746

Jim & Carol Lucas
283 Timber Lane, Linden, Pa.  17744
(570) 398-0160 or (570) 772-3700

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Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

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