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Shorecrests Kimber Lee with her new owner, Nathan..
Who says Arabians can't be kids' horses???

Shorecrest Farms is a central Pennsylvania farm comprised of 107 acres of rolling green pastures, woodland and alfalfa fields. Our farm is home to a small breeding band of Arabian and half Arabian horses, a couple of riding horses, and a wonderful, larger herd of miniature donkeys. Less than a mile away at the original "Shorecrest Pony Farm" location, a small herd of Welsh and Shetland ponies still reside as well.

Shorecrest ponies and horses have been produced in one form or another since the 1950's when my grandparents began raising and showing welsh and shetland ponies. My dad still has a great love for his Arabians, but since 1999 he and I have become more focused on miniature donkeys. Together over these past few years we have managed to build a quality miniature donkey foundation herd, which we feel is the first step in establishing ourselves as a reputable breeder.

We've concerned ourselves first and foremost with conformation and personality during this process. Our jennets range from 31" to 34" in height, are a variety of colors, and many have extended pedigrees. All of our miniature donkeys are gentle and loving, and are given lots of love and attention in return. They are all on proper schedules for vaccinations, de-wormings, and hoof care.

We believe strongly that maintaining a high quality herd is an on-going process. For this reason, we invite you to visit our web site often to check out future additions to our donkey family and to keep updated on our current donkey sales. We plan to continue to selectively add to our herd and in turn will be offering a variety of donkeys from foals to breeding age stock as our breeding objectives evolve. Our primary goal, however, will always be producing wonderfully conformed, gentle natured, healthy miniature donkeys suitable for breeding, showing, or for just for loving as unique family pets.

We are committed to finding the best of homes for each and every donkey, horse or pony that we offer for sale. We encourage you to contact us with questions or concerns before, during, and after purchasing our animals to ensure their proper care. Our goal is to be as honest, helpful, and supportive to you as possible in order to make your ownership experience a positive one.

We thank you for visiting our web site, and encourage you to come visit us in person here in central Pennsylvania. At any given time we have about 30 mini donkeys and 12-15 horses for you to meet. Visitors are always welcome - even if you are just browsing. We really enjoy showing off our herds!

~ Tracie Dershem
~ Jim & Carol Lucas

Here are two of the reasons behind our miniature donkey adventure... Francis and my grandfather, James E. Lucas in the 1960's! His love of animals has been handed down through the generations, so it's a great honor for me to be continuing the Lucas tradition of breeding and raising horses and ponies. We know without a doubt that the added mix of miniature donkeys would make my grandparents smile! To learn more about the history of Shorecrest Farms and Francis, please click here!

Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

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Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

Tracie Dershem
184 Timber Lane
Linden, Pa.  17744
(570) 398-4454

Jim & Carol Lucas
283 Timber Lane
Linden, Pa.  17744
(570) 398-0160

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Welcome to Shorecrest Farms Miniature Donkeys & Arabian Horses! Click here to email us!

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